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Mathematics is the most precise and concise way of expressing an idea.Grade 3A students enjoyed the hands on activities of making 3d shapes and learning about it.

"Biology is not just about memorizing facts, but about understanding the processes and systems that make life possible that challenges us to think critically and use our scientific temper so that we learn more about the beauty of life."Grade 4A enjoyed learning about lifecycles of animals, reptiles,insects,Mammals in a creative way.

A surprise puppet show was conducted by teachers for children to learn more about animals and not to hurt any animals. Puppets are a great way to make lessons playful and to capture learners' attention."Puppet show" was arranged for Pre Primary on the story 'The sky is falling '. Our dynamic teachers engrossed the children with voice modulations, hand gestures and effective use of puppets. Thereby encouraging them to be a part of the story.

Yellow is the symbolic colour of spreading shine in someone life . Children celebrated Yellow day and also became a sweet little chef and made sweet corn activity with the help of the teacher with great enthusiasm and enjoyed colouring yellow colour objects.Here are some pictures shared.

"The essence of math is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple." Grade 6 student enjoyed learning about lines and making angles in a creative way.

"Geometry is the art of correct reasoning from incorrectly drawn figures" Grade 3A students enjoyed making their own tangram picture using a puzzle.

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