School Info

The General Education Institute, Dadar, Mumbai 400028 owes its existence to the commendable efforts of Late Gopal Narayan Akshikar and Late Ganesh Ramchandra Lele. The institute established in the year 1892 (24th April 1892) is one of the oldest prominent and pioneering institutions in the field of secondary education. The Institute had good fortune to have guidance and encouragement in it`s infancy from justice Ranade and justice Telang during the last decade of the 19th century.
Secondary School was a sore need of hour for lower middle class and worker’s families in north Mumbai. The tiny acorn has now grown into a mighty oak.
The institute of present is conducting 8 Pre-Primary Schools, 11 Secondary Marathi Medium, 7 Junior Colleges, 2 Pre-Primary & Primary Schools, 1 Secondary English Medium, 2 CBSE Schools and 1 Senior College in Mumbai, Thane and Raigad Districts of Maharashtra. The institute is proud that almost all Secondary Schools are oldest or 1st in the respective cities.
No cause greater than the cause of Education in which the General Education Institute, Dadar have distinguished themselves for establishing schools in Remote corners of the state.
The General Education Institute which has been engaged in the noble cause of education had to surmount various difficulties and obstacles in knitting the various loose threads to create in a finest fabric of its school complexes.

In Process

New Building and Edu. Hub

To construct a new building and educational hub at L.P. Girls High School, Dadar.

Various School Complexes

To open English Medium Pre-Primary / Primary Schools at various school complexes which is the need of hour.

Senior College

To open Senior College.


To repair and renovate Chhabildas High School, Dadar, New High School, Kalyan, and construct new Building for Blossom CBSE School, Dombivli.

Develop playground

To Develop playground of N.I. Uran High School.

Thanks to the generous donations of old times Late Chhabildas, Late Motilal Hargovinddas Thanewale, Late Bhivandiwala Sheth, Late Sakharam Waman Joshi, Late Parshuram Ramayan Karve, Late Subhedar Bivalkar, Late Rajbahadur Seth, Dandekar Trust / P. R. Trust and Very recently through Late Ramkrishna Bajaj and other enumerable philanthropist that they could rest the edifice of our school complexes on sound and footings.

The General Education Institute in order to usher in 21st century have decided to undertake the following major projects for the benefits of citizens of Dadar, Kalyan, Bhivandi, Uran, Thane, Kurla, Dombivli and surrounding areas where the institute is conducting its schools.

To commence and complete the above project the G.E. Institute have formulated a budget of nearly Rs. 100,00,00,000. (Rs. Hundred Crores Only).

It therefore is the earnest request of G. E. Institute that past student as residents of Mumbai, Thane, Uran, Bhiwandi, Kalyan, Dombivli and generous persons, industrialists business personalities, well-wishers, and other organizations should help these projects in the following manner.

  • Can grant / sanction a handsome donation to G. E. Institute, Dadar which is exempted form Income Tax under section 80G.
  • Can bear the expenditure or to bear cost of sponsorship’s for various projects undertaken by the G. E. Institute for well being and all round development of its students and society. The name of Generous donors shall be highlighted in the annual report of the institute and will be exhibited at the conspicuous place in and around the school complex.

We especially appeal to our past students wherever they are well placed in all walks of life that; it is on their shoulders; that responsibility of furthering the cause of Education now rest, as the tie that binds them to the institute / School is a sacred one.

We therefore strongly hope that the generous people who have the cause of education next to their heart will shower wall wishes gifts donations in the noble cause of education and help the G.E. Institute in preparing ideal citizens for Bharat tomorrow.

A helping hand on their part will boost the morale of Institute.

All donations / cost of sponsorship’s etc may be paid by cheque / D.D. drawn in favour of the General Education Institute, Dadar, Mumbai 400028.